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Can we make the playoffs??


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Below please find the best team ever to represent the Blue and White Army.  OK, so a few of us differ on our selection, which is why the most votes won!  Other mention follow below, either because they were so crap, they need a mention (e.g. Finidi George), or because they epitomise the Town spirit, as they would live and die to pull on the jersey (e.g Mick Stockwell)


Alexi Wright Stockwell Wark Venus Clapham Reuser Dyer Holland Westlake Stewart D Bent
Chris Cooper Stockwell Mills Wark Wilnis Reuser Scowcroft Holland Dyer Mariner Dozzell
Konrad Cooper Burley Osman Woods Butcher Beattie Thijssen Wark Mariner Muhren DJohnson
Marcus Cooper Burley Mills Butcher Wark Muhren Thijssen Holland O'Callaghan Mariner Brazil
Paul J Wright Bramble Gaardsoe Tarrico J Wright Reuser Dyer Holland Ambrose Stewart M Bent
Pete Forrest Stockwell Mills Butcher Thompson Muhren Reuser Brennan Dyer Mariner Stewart
Reg Pillay Wright Bramble Mills Talbot Butcher Muhren Thijssen Wark Mariner Brazil Gates
Richard D Cooper Stockwell Mills McGreal Beattie Muhren Thijssen Wark Dyer Mariner Gates
Rick Cooper Burley Butcher Hunter Beattie Muhren Thijssen Wark Mariner Brazil Gates
Tim Wilkes Cooper Burley Mills Talbot Butcher Beattie Thijssen Wark Mariner Brazil Gates
Tom D Wright Stockwell McGreal Wark Wilnis Clapham Holland Dyer Scowcroft Kiwomya Dozzell