Alexi Vetsos
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Can we make the playoffs??


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I have been a huge follower of Ipswich Town Football Club for the past 13 years since i was 10 years of age. I was shocked when i met two English guys at the cricket (recent series in 2004/5 between SA and England) who told me that I wasnt the first Ipswich Town fan that they had met and that there were many more living in South Africa. I'm living in Cape Town and the next time the guys are meeting for a game I would love to join. I can be contacted on cell 0826392555.

Place of birth-Cape Town 8 June 1981.  Still living in Cape town at the moment. I have been a town supporter since i was 11 years old. People often ask me why I chose ipswich as a team, i just wanted to support a team other than Liverpool, Manchester etc. My best game I saw was the play off  final when we won 4-2 against Barnsley. Worst game was the recent 2-0 defeat to Sunderland, although 9-0 against Man U was terrible. In 2001 I was lucky enough to be in london and took the train to Ipswich to see them play Norwich. We drew 1-1 but the experience was unbelievable and it is still the best day of my life by far. Went to a couple of away games when Ipswich travelled to london(Wimbledon, Watford.)