Marcus Spencer
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Can we make the playoffs??


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Marc Spencer. Born Clomel, Ireland. Grow up in Wexford.

Much like Reg, started supporting town for the 1978 Cup final. I kind of liked Liverpool, but my bullying older brother would not let me support them ( he now supports Arsenal, but has probably moved onto Chelsea folowing recent events !), thank God. I would rather be a tractor boy than a scouse.

Live Highlights:

Not many. Growing up in Ireland, access to Portman road was difficult. Oxford 1- Ipswich 1 1992. I was in the home section at the Manor ground behind the goal where Ipswich equalised, and had to stand still. We got promoted that day.

Ipswich 3 - Southampton 1, Decmber 2000. My first and only visit to Mecca. I got the tickets through Justin Miller, and duly got a tour of the ground, including the players lounge and dressing room, as well as a couple of complementary programmes. He also organised me 40% discount through the punch shop, so I went moggy in there. I also took a walk down the newly created Sir Alf Ramsey way, and was interviewed by a local journalist who asked me if Ipswich could maintain their impressive start to the season, to replied " Yes, I think so. We could even have a top five finish" - well something like that.

Chelsea vs Ipswich Easter 1975. I don't remember this, but my Dad told me he took me. An element of fate three years in advance of the 78 cup final. Any of you older guys remember the score ? Apparently John Wark had just broken into the team.

Live Lowlights:

None - so far ....

TV Highlights:

78 Cup final.Play off final vs Barnsley.Sheffield Utd 1- Ipswich 2 1999. Myself, Ahmad, Tydsley and Mission were the only four people at the Supersport cafe in Weltevreden. Bramble go the winner in injury time. My fist SABASA experience.

Escape To Victory - this has to count ! My other brother was a Villa supporter and I used to tell both of my brothers that despite finishing runners -up to their teams in successive seasons, Ipswich were the best team in England between 78 and 81. Why else would Hollywood have selected players from Town to star in the movie !

TV LowlightsSunderland 2 Ipswich 0 21/11/04.

South African Dream - Ever since I went to see Arsenal and Man Utd at Ellis Park in 1993/4, I have been hoping and praying to see the blue army in SA. There was an initial flood of English teams in the early nineties, but it has slowed down since. Can you imagine Ipswich vs Chiefs at the FNB. If we make it to the premier league we would be a bigger draw card. Is there anything we can do to advance this ? There is a lot of history through various players down the years.