Mark Michau
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Can we make the playoffs??


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I started supporting Ipswich in 1978 after their cup victory (was only eight years old at the time) , however I really got heavily involved in supporting in 1983 when a group of us from High School all supported different teams and obviously there was a lot of happiness and fighting amongst us especially with the others supporting Spurs, Man U, Villa, West Ham & Notts Forest.


I remember the days of Wark, Mariner (probably my favourite), Gates, Zondervan, Cooper (too many to mention and I think in my case to remember) and obviously our latest stars that are with us , or who have recently left. Not quite sure if I was in agreement with recent players transferred out.


Memorable moments for me was obviously the Cup win, winning in Europe and us beating Barnsley in the play-off.

I was very very very disappointed last year (felt we threw it away). ANYHOW - POSITIVE FOR THIS SEASON.


I have never had the opportunity to see Ipswich live - is however a dream of mine.

I do have a good friend who lives in London whose sister lives in Ipswich - so maybe one day i will crack a nod to a game.