Richard Dancer
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Can we make the playoffs??


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ITFC supporter since 1973


Born Johannesburg , SA.

Started watching football in SA in the days of Highlands Park , Germiston Callies, Rangers, Durban City , Southern Suburbs (including one Colin Viljoen), Cape Town City , Arcadia Shepherds, Maritzburg, etc.


Went to UK in 1973 and stayed for 15 years - enough time to find a wife and produce three children.

During first year in UK , saw most of the London clubs, but started travelling to Suffolk a lot and started a life time allegiance with ITFC. (Colin Viljoen may have been the catalyst.) Became a regular at home matches and away matches in London area. Later bought a house in Woodbridge , just up the A14 from FPR. Returned to SA in 1988.


Live highlights:

-         Beat Arsenal at Highbury 1976 - sat quietly amongst Arsenal supporters, smiling inside - nearly got strangled with my blue & white scarf on the way out.

-         Saw Alan Brazil put his head down and run through the whole Brighton team to score at Brighton .

-          Watched Clive Woods mesmerise the opposition with his Thyssen-like skills.

-         Saw the real Thyssen and Muhren skills

-         Saw all the great goalscorers in action – Whymark, Johnson (1975), Mariner, Brazil, Gates, Wark,  D’Avray, Mathie, Dozell, Kiwomya, Johnson (2000), Scowcroft, Stewart, Bent M, Bent D, Kuqi………

-         Best moment : saw Gary Bailey pick the ball out of his net six times at FPR on 1st March 1980 .


Live lowlights:

-          Saw 1975 exit from FA Cup in semis at Stamford Bridge . We was robbed!


Best team seen live:

Obviously the 1981 UEFA cup winning side. 4 – 1 at St Etienne was stunning.