Chris Reeler
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Can we make the playoffs??


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Born in Cape Town, South Africa, now living in Johannesburg, South Africa, this is why I started supporting Ipswich.

I started supporting the Town in 1975 when I first went over to the UK to visit family members.  I had no chance - staying in my cousin's room with Ipswich Town curtains, lamp shades, posters, pillowcases, teddy bears, rugs, glasses, toothbrushes you name it, he had it.  My cousin, Mark Whitehead, is a season ticket holder, as is his wife and father.

Since then, I have tried on every overseas business trip or holiday to fly in via Heathrow, do the mad dash across London in the tubes to Liverpool Street Station, then catch a train to Ipswich in order to watch the game.  managed to get to watch a few that way.

I detest Norwich and Sheffield United. Was too sentimental about the sacking of George Burley, think Bobby Robson should be immortalised for ever, and was totally devastated when Matt Holland (what a legend) was sold to Charlton when we were in financial difficulties.

I have brainwashed my daughter from birth.  Her first words out of her mouth were Da Da, then Blue Army!

Married to a Heather who was born in Doncaster, but grew up in Solihull before emigrating to South Africa with her parents at age 12.  Initially a Rangers supporter, we have converted her over to the Town (like she had a choice!!).

Best moment while being a member of this club has to be the Harrismith event.  People from all over the country drove for hours to converge in practically the middle of nowhere to sit and watch Town play on the telly, drink a few beers, and meet people that they have never met before, but with whom they shared a common love, that it IPSWICH TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB!