Konrad Rodrigues
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Can we make the playoffs??


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Born 1965 Wokingham, Berkshire to English mum n SA dad.

Came to SA when I was 2 and returned to Essex when I was 6 when my dad died. Followed Chelsea as I had never heard of anyone else. Was watching ITFC v Villa in FACup...2-0 down at half time. Bryan Hamilton gets a hatrick. Town lose to WHU FC after 300 replays in the semis. Not b4 Woods scores one of the best goals ever against Leeds in an earlier round. Anyway, my stepdad tunes me that no.8 Colin Viljoen played football with him in South Africa. Southern Suburbs, Westside Wanderers and Florida Albion are names I remember, but it was along time ago. So apart from the fact Town were 40 mins down the A12, that was the reason I started to follow Town, 30 years ago.

Returned here Jan 99. Watched ITFC on Boxing day 1998 against Portsmouth. Got there late, stood in the queue. Got in 20 mins into the game. Me and my boy got the last two seats. 3-0 up already, and not another goal. Was gutted.

Go and see Town each time I go back.

Was at Watford last Saturday. Shit team to match a shit ground, with shit support. We had 3000 and filled the entire Vicarage Rd end.

Thought Town were dreadful, and though 10 mins cost us 2 points, think we were still better than them. Counago was lazy and selfish. Impressed with Bowditch-breath of freshair. Lewis Price should have had the freekick which led to the 2nd goal, but he was fumbling those in the warm up as well.

Dissappointed but good to see them. Like I said b4, only thing I miss about the UK is the football. Used to be the curries as well but couple of guys on this site pointed me in the right direction.

Worst team

Lewis Price(current ),Hunter(think was carried at the time), Jermaine Wright, Finindi George (great goal in his first game and then went to sleep), Zondervan, Roger Osborne (apart from the goal at Wembley),

Marshall, ...to be honest rate most of the guys...all have their moments. Marcus Bent...lazy bastard, Pablo Counago is appalling this year..plenty you could throw in that reach a sell by date too early.

Current team that never was

Wright, Bramble, Petta,Tarrico , Herman H, Holland, Dyer, Scowcroft, Bent, David Johnson, Marcus Stewart.