Tom Dancer
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Can we make the playoffs??


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Thomas Dancer- Town fan since conception and probably even before that! Born in London on December 28, 1984

How did I start supporting ITFC?

Two reasons: (1) a father as passionate as mine, regarding a certain football club, had introduced me to many important things throughout my early child- the colours blue and white, for example- and, through his behaviour towards Town at this time, I was made very aware of the club's existence.  This, of course, did not ultimately result im my supporting Town (see the Wilkes' for proof that this does not work)
(2) This is what really did it: My first live match.  I've never looked back...
First Match
Ipswich vs Norwich, 
Sat 18 December 1993 (Block U2, Row F, Seat 184) 
result: 2-1 (Wark, Youds)

I was 9 years old at the time & was swimming in a brand new Fisons-sponsored shirt


I've been lucky enough to go back MANY times since then + 1 away game at Charlton (1-0 to us)

Best live Game
Town vs Sunderland
Tuesday 28 April, 1998
Worst Live game
I watched in horror as we lost to Reading on April 6, 1996. 
We were appauling.  I forget the score- I prefer it that way.
Why do I support ITFC?
It was that first game that did it, initially.  I fell in love with Portman Road at once and an erratic relationship had begun...
I find town to be a most frustrating team to support- disapointment run riot!-  but when they perform and play that outstanding football that has traditionally been played at the club, it makes up fot those mess-ups.  eg that season in the Premiership where Stewart was unstoppable. 
Best player that I have seen
Kieron Dyer (I met him too!!)
Current best player
Darren Bent, but I'm v excited about Dean Bowditch.  I think he has great potential